Sermons at Paul’s Cross, 1520-1640, ed. Torrance Kirby, Paul Stanwood, Mary Morrissey and John N. King (Oxford University Press, 2017).

Politics and the Paul’s Cross Sermons, 1558-1642 (Oxford University Press, 2011), ISBN: 0199571767, DOI:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199571765.001.0001

Reviews for Politics and the Paul’s Cross Sermons:
“It is a rare tribute to say of a book derived from sermon transcripts that it is an absorbing read, Yet so it is with Mary Morrissey’s Politics and the Paul’s Cross Sermons 1558-1642.” – Euan Cameron, Church Times

“Every library should have a copy of this major contribution to our understanding of the early modern sermon.” – Ian Green, English Historical Review

“[a] detailed and comprehensive account of Paul’s Cross from mid-sixteenth to mid-seventeenth century … Morrissey’s is a model of how such case studies should be carried out … Morrissey’s command of secondary literature is impeccable, her arguments compelling, and the wealth of evidence she marshals truly remarkable. Anyone interested not only in the rise and demise of Paul’s Cross but also in the larger transformations in religious culture London and England underwent between the 1550s and the 1650s will have to turn to her excellent monograph.” – Paulina Kewes, The Seventeenth Century

“This lively and deeply researched book is part of a new beginning in early modern sermon studies. … Morrissey’s research has definitely established the wide-ranging importance of the Paul’s Cross sermons, in specific controversies such as Jewel’s challenge or Marprelate, in commemorating political anniversaries, and in establishing anti-Catholicism as a means of expressing zealous godliness and political loyalty. … While it is likely to remain definitive for some time, this book opens up a number of possibilities for further work on the role of sermons in their context in the early modern period.”  Roger Pooley, Modern Language Review

“systematic and illuminating … This satisfying and carefully researched book is a model study of the intertwining of religion and politics in early modern London.” – Anthony Fletcher, History

“Morrissey’s achievement here is a substantial one … Politics and the Paul’s Cross Sermons contributes to our understanding of much more than the sermons series itself. It also brings to life the great religious controversies of the age. … In short, this really is a must-read book for anybody interested in the literary, religious, or political cultures of early modern England; in early modern sermons; or, indeed, early modern London. We can only wait with keen anticipation to see what else Morrisey’s ongoing researches into this area will uncover.” – Jonathan Willis, The Sixteenth Century Journal